No Justice No Peace

No Justice No Peace

Acrylic on canvas; I did this painting to illustrate the phrase “No Justice No Peace” in America due to the injustice we witnessed as a nation in the year 2020.

2 thoughts on “No Justice No Peace

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  1. Tita

    A good choice to focus on justice and peace with the flag as the background for your message – since the pledge of allegiance ends with the words “… with liberty and justice for all.”

    It’s true without justice, there is no peace. God wants us to treat others justly – Amos the shepherd-prophet said ” But let justice roll down like water and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

    I wonder if flipping the words to Justice = Peace go better with the hand giving the peace sign. A clenched fist is what comes to my mind when the words No Justice- No Peace are used.

    An old white man’s impression! Dick


  2. I see where you’re coming from. I agree that a fist does come in mind when you see the sentence. But I wanted the hand to complete the sentence not depict it. That’s been done a lot so I wanted to do something different.


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