Page Design

Many applications are available to designers for page and publication design, but the one most popular among designers today is Adobe InDesign. Known for its ease of use and its ability to integrate easily with other Adobe programs, InDesign has become an essential part of several Creative Cloud packages.

Creating printable layouts using InDesign is only the first step. You can also export PDF files which are Web-friendly, attaching a version to email or Web sites that anyone can view.

Shapes & Colors

The Shape tools in Adobe Illustrator, an object-oriented application, are designed for easy creation of basic objects and the application of simple color attributes. You can create an amazing variety of designs with the basic shape tools, as well as apply solid and gradient color fills quickly and easily.

Raster Design

Raster Design, also known as Bitmapping, is the technique of using paint programs to create digital designs. The most famous of these kinds of digital apps is Adobe Photoshop. I learned how to get up and running fast with the Photoshop tools and tips most commonly used in the studio and created this background.

“You never know what you could accomplish until you accomplish it”. — Tita Fontava

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